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 V is the fifth annual twelve-hour hackathon organized by sfhacks, the student-led programming club at Saint Francis High School. In partnership with the school, LancerHacks will take place in person on Saturday, March 5, 2022, and will host approximately 200 students from local high schools.

Drawing from the strength of our school’s mission to “educate hearts and minds to serve the world,” the theme of LancerHacks V is “Doodle The Future.” We encourage attendees to draw inspiration from the primary nature of scientific and technological development. Feel free to interpret the prompt however you want — get creative!

Supplementing the main project-development element of the hackathon through a variety of challenges and events, LancerHacks will continue to emphasize collaboration among attendees, mentorship by peers and industry experts, attendance at speaker sessions and workshops, and expanding the traditional understanding of computer science and its various daily-life applications.

We encourage interested students with all levels of expertise to attend the event to experience how the power of computer science can be leveraged in numerous fields and how this potential is enhanced when one applies a creative and personal touch. The underlying message of LancerHacks is that computer science is for everyone: it is not just for one type of person; it requires a variety of perspectives, an ability to think outside of the box, and a level of social awareness to identify communities that have the potential to improve in the field of computer science.

Hackathon Sponsors


$7,962 in prizes

First Place

Veritas AI - AI Scholarships Program (1 per team or split up discount)
Wolfram Alpha Subscription

Second Place

Ardunio Starter Kit
Wolfram Alpha Subscription

Third Place

Echo Dot
Wolfram Alpha Subscription

Best Beginner Hack

Discord Nitro - 3 Months
Wolfram Alpha Subscription

Best Themed Hack

Fire TV

Best Most Innovative Hack


Best Solo Hack

Amazon Gift Card

Best All-Girls Hack

Portable Charger
AOPs coupons

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sam Le Van

Yusuf Abdulghani

Andy Mowat

Andy Mowat

John Foy

John Foy

Aswatha Amarnath

John Foy (ipad)

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Presentation
    Is the project insightful, comprehensible, and professional? Does it show technical complexity?
  • Usability
    5 -> Final product is demonstrated as easy to use and functional Are there any bugs? Are they minor? Is product understandable? What is the level of functionality of the code?
  • Creativity
    5 -> New, fresh idea, solves or brings light to a previously unidentified problem, displays a cohesive mix of various topics/fields
  • Alignment with the Theme
    Does the project convey an understanding of contributing to advancement in a particular field in the future? Is it creative in doing so?

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